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Some of our regular vistors may have noticed that we’re taking out some time to renovate part of the Riverbank Hotel. Since we are a small ‘mom and pop’ operation (well at heart anyway!), we are doing most of the work ourselves and only calling in the professionals when absolutely necessary. Currently we are replacing the ceiling in one of the guest dining rooms and we have hired a panel-lifting winch (ours is raucous red!) to help us with the plasterboard placement as you can see from the pictures.

DSCN0626   DSCN0627

DSCN0628 DSCN0901

These days with all the professional DIY equipment available, you really don’t need the… well, the professionals… if you have the time to spare to do it yourself. We have become quite professional ourselves now and have amassed quite a collection of equipment, at great expense, I might add! My husband loves his power tools (which guy doesn’t I suppose) and I swear whenever I turn my back you find him drilling something with his ‘Makita’ – as he calls it – that’s his favorite, that and the air compressor that he purchased recently which he keeps finding new uses for.

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