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EU referendum shocker

The thirty days of June brought us the EU referendum result. We had a large group of people from Germany visiting us for a week or so who were very concerned with exactly how we were planning to vote in the referendum. We told them that we were definitely voting to remain in the EU as we thought the majority of the UK would do also. They were comforted until we actual got the result. It is intriguing just how other EU countries are worried about us leaving. It will undoubtedly have an effect on our business as we receive numerous visitors from the other parts of Europe who are able to travel here unrestricted. The results of the EU referendum have been a complete bombshell. As mentioned we often have numerous guests from the EU in our Bed & Breakfast as they have unrestricted movement in Europe, including the UK. The future might now be quite changed as visitors from the EU may need permission or even a visa to get into the UK. It is really such a pity however freedom to choose is what democracy is all about and we will need to deal with the effects on our business.

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