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Holidays are here again…

Our vacation this January will be in Europe and America. We often reward ourselves with boat trips at the beginning of the year as it is the quietest month for the guest house and a great justification to continue stuffing ourselves with food and drink right after Christmas. This January we are planning to take the Britannia from Southampton to the south of France and then Spain, and after that when we get back to Southampton, we are planning to leap over to the Harmony of the Seas which will take us to Boston then Florida. In Florida, we are planning to stay for 8 days in Fort Lauderdale appreciating some winter sunlight before its time to come back home. This year, we’ve reserved a ‘Prince Andrew Suite’ on Britannia and also blended in a raft of extras. We’ve been practicing our good manners recently in anticipation of all the swank people in the Prince and Princess suites aboard the Britannia. When we leave the Britannia for the Harmony of the Seas we will be back to our standard quarters so I don’t know how that’s going to feel!

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