Easter in Cookham


Just came back from our Moroccan holiday of hell and its straight into Easter. Easter is the start of a busy period at Riverbank House which is always fun. Such a shame then that I am feeling a little ‘under-the-weather’ from catching a cold during my ‘vacation’. Our own private bedroom in the hotel is like a store room – all the bits and bobs from hotel activities somehow winds up in there: Christmas decors, fold-up beds for guests of guests, guest bedroom quilt covers, king-size down comforters – you name it, we end up with it in our bedroom – if people did not know we ran a hotel, they would think that we were extreme hoarders with a particular proclivity for bed linen! Easter in Cookham is a terrific weekend break for anyone, and this easter is no different with some lovely family as well as some lovely couples coming to visit us. In addition, it looks to be a sunny one in Cookham over the next couple of weeks when the town itself will becoming quite active.